Gospel to all the Nations 2020

Dear Friends and Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

We are continuing with the next gospel to all the nations session to be held by Zoom on Saturday, August 29, 2020 at 3:00pm CDT with fellowship from the gospel of John chapter 4. Additionally, we also announce and invite you to two additional sessions on the gospel of John chapter 4 that will follow on September 12 and September 26 at 3:00 pm CDT.

All the people out of every nation are invited to join! Please invite your friends, relatives, and colleagues. Come and see how the life of Christ meets the need of every person and enjoy the pure ministry of the Word as the gospel of the kingdom. (Matt. 24:14)
During previous sessions, many have joined from throughout the world. To help you see the three upcoming session dates and times, more time zones are included in this list:

Saturday, August 29
Saturday, September 12
Saturday, September 26

Los Angeles, USA|1:00 pm PDT
Denver, USA|2:00 pm MDT
Houston, USA|3:00 pm CDT
New York City, USA |4:00 pm EDT
Buenos Aires, AR|5:00 pm ART
London, UK|9:00 pm BST
Kraków, Poland|10:00 pm CEST
Jerusalem, Israel|11:00 pm IDT
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia|11:00 pm EAT

For more details and to register please go to www.gospeltoallthenations.com.  You will receive the Zoom session information after registering. All inquiries regarding this conference can be addressed to: info@gospeltoallthenations.com.